• ophthalmologist

    Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff

    Specializing in the Optometric Treatment of Headaches and Dizziness

About Our Doctor

Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff has been specially trained to diagnose and treat patients with an often overlooked eye misalignment condition. She is one of the first doctors in the country to study directly with Dr. Debby Feinberg of Vision Specialists of Michigan in the treatment of Vertical Heterophoria and Superior Oblique Palsy.

Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff
Dr. Cheryl


Prior to being treated by Dr. Cheryl, I constantly felt off balance. I had suffered from frequent migraines since I was 12 years old. I often suffered from neck/ back pain, and always felt like I was straining my neck and/or tilting my head to focus on the computer. My family had always noticed that I walked a bit sideways as well, but they attributed that to me being “clumsy”. I had awful anxiety about walking down flights of stairs or through the mall, as I always had this irrational fear of f…
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What We Do

The Neuro Visual Center of New York is committed to giving our patients the highest level of care in our new state of the art facility. We look forward to helping you feel and see your best!

Eye Wear

Eyeglasses Patients

We specialize in complex eyeglass prescriptions and difficult to fit patients.


Evaluation and Treatment

Comprehensive optometric eye examinations, neurovisual evaluations including binocular vision evaluations for patients suffering from post-concussive syndrome.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Evaluations

All types of contact lens categories, including prism contact lenses.


Learning Difficulties in Children

Binocular vision evaluations for children with ADHD/ADD and other learning difficulties.